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Our chauffeur app is a toolset built in-house by our tech team, with it’s design centered around supporting our chauffeurs and staff for the management and processing of both projects and complex financial roadshows. These tools vary from traditional ‘driver’ focused apps, which focus on dispatching and monitoring a single booking in isolation.

The app helps us manage the following:

  • real-time tracking and monitoring
  • immediate and future planned dispatch
  • driver call management - one of our core checks to help ensure a journey is as seamless as possible
  • team and linked booking management
  • conference and event on-site and off-site management
  • billing and cost management
  • itineary management
  • nameboard presentation
  • chauffeur regulatory documentation
  • communication with our project team

More information on how we work

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PalmTree has been developed by the in-house technology team at Driven Worldwide. It is a bespoke reservations platform that can manage and track complex journeys, projects and itineraries

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ChauffeurCall was originally designed to overcome the issues surrounding contact between passenger and chauffeur. Mobile numbers are not always reliable and passengers want direct contact with their Chauffeur.

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Specialist Conference and Event Tools

Our bespoke conference software tools, support both on-site and off-site co-ordination dispatch and management of multiple journeys and shuttle services.