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Security is paramount in every aspect of what we do, from when you step into a car, through to the way we handle and secure your electronic data. We have been successfully audited by many of the top financial instituitions in the world and are trusted by many clients to deliver a seamless and secure experience. We perform regular security and in particular, cyber-security reviews, including:

  • Pen testing - pen-testing of all client and driver apps ensure they are secure by default and allow access only to the appropriate data and secure that data in-transit and at-rest.
  • PCI DSS - we adhere to all PCI-DSS recomentations and perform an annaul merchant assessment to ensure our systems afford the correct level of security around credit cards and similar payments
  • Cyber Essentials - we have achieved Cyber Essentials certification and continue to improve our security posture at every opportunity
  • GDPR assessments - we have performed a rigorous GDPR assessment and adhere to a strict GDPR policy of what data we process and retain

Our technology

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Client Tools

Since Driven's inception, our technology department has been tasked with ensuring that the highest quality of technical tools are available to our clients.

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How We Work

At Driven our internal working processes are regularly reviewed and evolve to stay current and best practise.

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What drives Driven

Beneath the client facing apps and portals available for passengers and bookers, there is a complex reservations and supplier management platform that drives the business.